Who is Saving Daylight Scones

March 2023 is begging us to Ask Jeeves a lot of questions, like: why is it snowing? Are trees in bloom good sign or bad? Who wants to save daylight and why for? And our personal favorite question: one cup previously frozen heavy cream scones?

The results to these questions are not very helpful when you’re reading them at formerly 5 in the morning, but we sort of learned something about 19th century farmers, the ice shelf melting, and that most scone recipes need either 1/2 a cup or 1 1/2 cups heavy cream. God, we’re so fucking tired.

Anyway, we made some scones at formerly 7 in the morning because we were fucking awake I guess, and because we will never know who the hour saves, or what is saved by the hour, but we are guessing it has something to do with capitalism and grains. Also the previously frozen heavy cream we used was the texture of weird scrambled eggs. We didn’t Ask Jeeves why, though, because it’s fun to make potentially inedible baked goods with our limited resources!