Cooking Rage Kitchen Skill Set Tutorial: Becoming a Better Person Through Anxiety Eating

While anxiety eating is always a good way to pass those long and impossibly terrifying hours of waiting for your test results or for the airplane ride to be over, we at Cooking Rage have found some great ways that anxiety eating can help you be your best self. Read on to learn how!

Eliminate waste
While rummaging in the fridge for something to put your cheese on, you will probably come up with some old pasta, half an onion, and some possibly expired alternative buttery spread. You say “compost heap?” We say carbonara!
Second dinner
Get your vitamins
Add some tumeric to your cookie batter and the eat all of it with a spoon. Inflammation be gone!
Great for your skin
Did you know that the avocado you’re shoving into your moth with vaguely stale chips is moisturizing your lips AND the area all around your lips?
You’re a Kardashian
Improve Your Education
I’ll bet you didn’t know that apples dipped in peanut butter and panko crumbs and then deep fried are freaking delicious before you got that passive aggressive text from your boss that you responded to while in a rage blackout. But now you do! Also as you are probably fired you should make a caramel dipping sauce to go with them.
Or fuck it, just eat ice cream

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