Happy Summer 2021!

Hey y’all! What’s shakin?! Quick note from us to say sorry it’s been a minute, we’ve been super busy learning how to do every single tic tak dance with our online community of youth pastors. It’s so fun! You just need legs and the superhuman strength of 1000 dancing yaks–we’ve lost about 90 pounds, and also no longer have feeling in our feet. Anyway, hope you’re heading into your summer vaxxed & waxed–but only if you’re into it!

Nothing says “summer” to us more than putting garbage into glass jars along with some immediately cloudy water and telling our husbands “I’M GROWING SALAD” when asked why trash is on the windowsill. We thought you might agree! Stay tuned for more soon, and remember: climate change is a hoax!

Composting is for morons

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