Tart a l’existential crisis

If Julie and Julia taught me anything it’s that writing a blog is a lucrative endeavor and also that a good idea is to put butter and 1000 onions into a pie and call it dinner. The only issue is that this idea is an actual recipe in Julia Child’s famous-ass cookbook and it is a fucking complicated undertaking in the guise of being one of the least complicated and actually vegetarian options in the whole fucking book. It tricks you. Why are the ingredients listed like that? Who has time to cook onions for an hour? What is Swiss cheese in 1961 and is it different from Swiss cheese from Costco? And why, fucking why is this stupid fucking thing still raw in the middle after baking for an hour? Is my oven broken? Is the recipe wrong? Or is it my fault entirely because I am alive in the age of climate change and still making this tart even though I know the butter that goes into this dumb thing is wreaking more havoc on an already broken environment that is causing cyclones in January and whatever else that new netflix movie is about? And it’s gonna make me fat. Also is anyone else still upset about the scene in which Julie wears her outdoor shoes WHILE LYING ON HER BED IN QUEENS LIKE A GODDAMN PSYCHOPATH??? JESUS CHRIST THAT MOVIE RUINED MY LIFE. ANYWAY I MADE THIS AND IT WAS FINE.

IDK how to tell you how to make an onion tart but it’s probably somewhere on Julie Powell’s blog you’re welcome.

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