Cooking Rage Kitchen Skill Set Tutorial: Anxiety Baking

Anxiety Baking: (noun) In which you wake up in a panic about the state of your life and crash into the kitchen to bake items that you do not wish to eat, but will remind you that, if nothing else, flour is cheap and old bananas can be turned into sustenance if you add enough sugar.

Start the day off right.

Quick and easy ways to tell if you are Anxiety Baking include, but are not limited to:

-Creating extra dishes to wash so that you can feel like something in your life is happening in direct result of your actions.

-Offering roommates your baked goods to take with them to work and quickly becoming insulted when they politely decline.

-While in the midst of baking muffins you decide that you should also make some granola out of oats and orange juice which will be fine if you just add some vanilla and then maybe if you don’t check your email for another 30 minutes someone will have written back to you offering you a job.*

-Baking inedible objects that you refuse to throw away.

*This may indicate anxiety baking but might also just be who you are right now.

Really looking forward to the weekend.

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