Life Is Great Panini

At Cooking Rage we have been far too busy trolling the internet for pants that will fit our “apple shaped bodies” that have become a little rotten after 7 full months of mostly drinking but also eating our feelings about how the Handmaid’s Tale is actually a bio pic what the fuck. Also there is no panini. This post is click bait because we know what that means now.

In other fake news, tomorrow we are going to start a diet called Stop Drinking and Eating So Much But If You Can’t Then At the Very Least Take a Breath Between Bites, Idiot. We are totally going to start this diet tomorrow. And we will buy some stretchy pants in a store like human beings because what is online shopping? Is it gambling? My current pants hurt like bad legislation. BOO-yAH! Ya burnt! Ha ha ha is it end of times?

Also here’s the dinner in which I ate 2 loaves of cheese. EVERYTHING IS FINE.


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