Cancer Cooking: Part 2

Such exciting news, team–turns out this is a two-part series ONLY! After only one terrifying diagnosis, one PET/CT scan, one MRI, one surgery, one visit to the emergency room, and one horrifying 10-day waiting period to see if the surgery worked, we have come to an end of the Cancer Cooking series, sponsored by NYU Langone, and will soon be on to the Recovery Cooking series, also sponsored by NYU Langone, which will mostly focus on how we plan to clean the goddamn disgusting fridge. And by sponsored we mean–who wants to pay our medical bills? Ha ha ha just kidding we are Americans with insurance so I’m sure we will be fine.

So what else did we make, while wandering around this strange old world, thinking about mortality? Such delicious things!


The PET/CT scan came back clean, but you still need an MRI because–you have cancer! This is a life-event that calls for pizza, so use your pizza stone or whatever old bricks you may have lying around the house for this awesome creation!


  1. Assemble pizza completely.
  2. Fail to properly dislodge from cutting board into oven.
  3. Bake or whatever.
  4. Fuck it, it tastes fine.



A delicious side that’s easy for you to make and serve alongside whatever thing someone in your family is making you that you are eating to be polite but can’t really taste.


  1. Boil beets in water.
  2. Burn beets in oven.
  3. Throw away.

Ha ha ha what a fun time this has been!

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