This is Everyone’s Soup

This soup is not a soup that we at Cooking Rage have personally cooked. You can probably tell because of the deep green color, the semi-successful oil ploppings, and the shrimp on it. Cooking Rage doesn’t ever cook shrimp, because they are what our team refers to as having a “displeasing texture, taste, and after-taste.” Perhaps not incidentally, this soup is also not a soup that we at Cooking Rage have consumed.

So why are we posting it?



Well. For one thing, this soup is devastating.

This soup lacks civility.

This soup doesn’t care about women’s health.

This soup is an asshole.

Oh, and this soup is definitely racist, opposed to both labor unions and the freedom of the internet, and it will absolutely make you sick.

So like we said, this is Everyone’s Soup. It is so disgusting, so utterly despicable, we don’t have anything very funny to say about it, but felt we had to post it so as to do one tiny thing in a sea of things to do.

So here it is.

Now we’ll carry on with our plans to support progressive candidates, show up to vote in all the primaries, protest on June 30th, donate time, money & energy whenever possible, and, ya know, keep on keeping on.

Godspeed, friends.


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