Millennial Toast

Being a millennial is amazing. There’s this great thing called the creative economy where you can do whatever work you want and get paid lots of money to do it–usually while you are sitting next to a large body of water in a beautiful country that will definitely not be underwater in 10 years thanks to climate change–and everybody under the age of 35 is participating in it, except for all the incredible #30under30 kiddos who are making it BIG on the Wall Street and also in a place in San Francisco called Bit Coin.

And can we talk about this TOAST?!?! This toast is MAGIC!! Every time we are having a truly incredible day, a day where we are, like, just really grateful to be alive, and feel like celebrating our freedom to buy avocados because they are much cheaper than healthcare. Gosh. What a time to be alive. We wanted to share how we make this toast at Cooking Rage so we can ALL celebrate being young, independent, and #blessed.

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