Happy ______ Year!

Hi friend! If you’re reading this that means you haven’t died! Good job! We also haven’t died! Wow, team. We are doing GREAT! What a year we’ve had, good golly. It went so well for us at Cooking Rage that we deleted every single social media application from our phones and have been sitting on the couch we bought on the internet (don’t buy couches on the internet) holding something called a “book” in order to avoid the bright and shiny videos of other people’s lives. Seems like most other people did even better than we did! Wow! It’s probably because they ate a lot of fiber. Let’s all eat more fiber this year! The only video we have to commemorate 2021 is a video entitled “Tasty Treats” made for us by our iPhone. It has music. We don’t know how or why our phone made this video, but we also don’t know why people still don’t believe in climate change.

Anyway, we at Cooking Rage want to wish you and yours a very, very, very, very, very low set of expectations for whatever the fuck this year has in store for us. Hopefully not another wildfire but hey, let’s be realistic: there will probably be a lot of wild fires! Meanwhile, look at all the tasty bites we ate last year because all we did was cook beans and bread! Ha ha ha! Quarantine!


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