Cooking Rage: Meet the Team

We realized it’s been a long while since we’ve introduced ourselves to our loyal readership, so we thought we’d take a minute to say hi, thanks for stopping by! We’ve made some major changes to our team in the past few years, mostly because we have been so unbelievably successful at everything we do.

As all you loyal Cooking Rage readers know, our brand is all about intermittent posting and recipes that taste like resigning yourself to not being able to afford take out. We’re seeing a lot of opportunities for expansion in 2022, mostly in the bean category, and thought it would be nice to take a minute to re-introduce ourselves!

First up, our Director and CEO, Jack!

Jack loves nature, cooking whole birds, eating in restaurants without mask mandates, combing thrift stores, thirst traps, and Jesus. His main contribution to Cooking Rage are his insights about the future of podcasting (we’re working on one, we swear!) and unwanted group texts about the connection he sees between cataclysmic weather and the porn industry. We can’t mute him, cuz he’s our boss! And he’s really into crypto!

Jack does most of the heavy lifting, which just leaves us with our communications team:

Nancy, Hilary, and Amy all live in the middle West/East of America and love kittens, handbags, wine, apple varietals, babies, knives, Kim Kardashian’s doctor who did her boobs, Christmas, YouTube make up tutorials, spelling, NFTs, and Hamilton. Sometimes we write for all of us, sometimes we write for ourselves–we are not like other girls! Jack has designed our little work family so each of us on the communications team is in charge of her own content, but no one gets to claim credit for it because we believe in the open and free expression of our brand! Also we are each paid $.15/word so Jack can keep the rest of the money for his human-sized ice machine.

We love bringing you content that makes you think differently about food, like how sad grapes are, and love that you spend your time with us! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for some awesome 2022 content, now that we’ve figured out what year it is! We love y’all!


Cooking Rage

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