Maybe You Should Try Lexapro Tacos

What’s better than a taco?! Possibly Lexapro, if you’d just try it. Think about how similar they are: tacos are endlessly customizable, easy to eat, and are about the fastest meal you can make. Lexapro comes in different doses, you don’t even need water to swallow it, and it might address the fact that you have been in therapy for ten years but are still very angry! I mean, gosh, can you just imagine how great it would taste if just a little bit of Lexapro could make you as happy for days and even months at a time as a single taco makes you for, like, five seconds!? Nom nom nom!

Of course, you don’t need to take Lexapro to enjoy tacos, so while you’re continuing to drag your feet for no reason at all about a drug that would probably definitely make you way less likely to be the person no one wants to sit next to at a party, why don’t you try our current favorite taco combo?! It’s a delish mish-mash of roasted sweet potato, black beans, sour cream, salsa, and kale–so easy, so healthy, and makes zero sense! Much like your unwillingness to literally just see how you feel if you take some fucking Lexapro!

Tastes like mental health feels!

Maybe You Should Try Lexapro Tacos

To make tacos, throw your leftovers on top of tortillas with some beans you managed to cook from a can.

Make a kale salad, or don’t.

Hey, look! You have salsa! Just cuz you’re high functioning doesn’t mean you’re ok!

Eat with your hands while you’re crying cuz you refuse to fucking take Lexapro.

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