Fuck Literally Everything

Sometimes when it’s Monday and your spouse has been ill all night and you wake up to news about an IPCC report’s shocking revelations that climate change is caused by people and will be a lot worse very soon, it’s just too much to go into the kitchen and make yourself something delicious from scratch. Especially when Texas is terrorizing trans children and their families in the name of a pro-life nation, or something, and there is a war in Ukraine! Sounds to us like it’s the kind of day where actually the only thing you can do is eat something made out of coagulated grease in your car. Cuz who’s got what it takes to make some kind of bourguignon when Marjorie Tay Tay Greene is the headline act at a white supremacist rally and thousands of people are still dying of Covid every day? We sure fucking don’t!

Yeah. Fuck literally everything.

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